Why are GreenSmart pots really smart?

GreenSmart offers a new generation of container pots that guarantee a maximum bounty of vegetables and herbs by providing the optimum conditions for plant growth โ€“ it’s that simple.

What’s more, they have a distinctive and attractive design, are incredibly easy to use and are UV protected. Melbourne invented and developed, GreenSmart pots are ideal for the novice in the garden, the serious gardener and even the commercial grower.

These unique, smart, self-watering containers enable users to grow organic vegetables and herbs with zero fuss and require minimal space. The depth and width of the pot allows the flexibility to grow a diverse range of herbs and fresh vegetables all year round. This winter they will ensure your cabbages and cauliflowers, beetroots and broccoli, leeks and spinach and choice of herbs all flourish.

Andrea McPherson, General Manager of GreenSmart International, said: “The GreenSmart team has long been passionate about gardening. Couple this with the recognition of several concerns ever present in today’s society and the idea was born.

“The rising cost of living, the desire to use water responsibly and the availability of healthy, fresh food are all modern day issues. After extensive trials and research, GreenSmart came up with an invaluable gardening tool to help combat all of these issues.”

GreenSmart pots are a marriage of style and function and their versatility and size mean they are perfect for everyone from busy city dwellers to suburban based families, right through to commercial growers. So, whether you have an entire paddock or simply a yard or balcony at your disposal, you can grow beautiful plants and delicious, healthy, vegetables of the highest quality with minimal cost involved.

How does it work?

Firstly, once assembled the pot is filled with a nutrient rich soil containing a quality potting mix, blood and bone, dolomite, dynamic lifter and manure. A mini reservoir underneath allows the saving and harvesting of water. A perforated plastic inner plate sits above the reservoir and prevents the mix from falling into the reservoir. This also creates an air cushion which allows the plant roots to remain aerated. The mechanism allows water to move up through the principals of capillary action, ensuring plants are constantly able to feed themselves at their own unique and optimum rates without any of the water run-off experienced with conventional gardening.

Thanks to a patented transparent water indicator, the reservoir is easy to monitor, eliminating any guesswork with regard to the watering requirements of plants.

Who should use GreenSmart?

The possibilities with GreenSmart are endless. Makers hope that its appeal to both first-time and experienced hobby gardeners will contribute towards a healthier and greener community. Furthermore, the pots are ideal horticultural therapy for those in rehabilitation and the elderly.

They are perfect for schools, where the pot can be used to introduce students to the wonders of horticulture, science, sustainable and organic food growth, nutrition, diversity of plant life and smart water use.

Commercially, the GreenSmart pot means growers can forget about issues such as soil erosion, land fertility and water run-off. There’s few to no chemicals required and the need for rotation of crops is minimal. This self-contained system eliminates the preparation period usually required to certify fields for organic production and GreenSmart’s innovative design dramatically increases the yield of conventional crop techniques in a much shorter period of time.

Availability and price

Manufactured from food grade and uv resistant materials the GreenSmart pot is available in cream, black, and green, labelled either ‘Herbs’ or ‘Vegetables’.

Large pots – $49.95 / Small pots – $39.95

Large pot dimensions: L: 73.47cm, W: 43.97cm, H: 29cm

Small pot dimensions: L: 56.47cm, W: 39.97cm, H: 23cm