Welcome to Felicity!

Felicity comes to us with nearly a decade and a half of experience as a digital content creator and social media manager, having worked in higher education, for Australia’s major telcos, for entertainment brands, not for profits and in the government sector. She cares deeply about content that helps people and makes connections in the community.

Felicity thought that her toughest day as a social media manager was going to be moderating the channels at Foxtel after the Game of Thrones season premiere didn’t stream correctly, but then she headed up the social media function at the Victorian Health Department during the first 18 months of a global pandemic.

She can’t get enough of tactical storytelling. Sometimes that means a putting her mind to a well-crafted piece of long form content. Sometimes that means finding the right emoji to share in the group chat.

She also has an abiding passion for classic novels written by women, and scones consumed in National Trust buildings.