Welcome Sydney!

Sydney has a passion for writing and storytelling, and she is committed to a career in using stories for good – which is why we’re so happy to have her on board! Currently undertaking a postgraduate journalism diploma, she is working hard to deepen her understanding of communications and here at Pesel & Carr, she’s becoming a part of the possibilities it creates. Sydney is a customer service superstar, with nearly a decade of experience under her belt. Her secret weapon? A tactical yet compassionate approach that puts her clients’ happiness first. Plus, with keen interest in international security and politics, and an understanding of risk analysis and strategic management, she’s got the smarts to make things happen.
Sydney has spent the past five years completing her Bachelor of International Security Studies and Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University and in 2023 will complete her graduate diploma of Journalism from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do.