Sweet summer sensation

As summer gets closer, our minds are turning to delicious sugary treats that can keep us cool during the warmer months. Gelato has a long history with varying views on how and where it originated, but one thing is for sure – Australians love for the treat made with sugar, cream and fruit has only grown.

Australia’s longest running gelato shop, Casa Del Gelato in Lygon Street, celebrated its 30th birthday in February this year, with its owner and founder Ottorino Pace proud to say it is still a family run business. With 170 different flavours ranging from fruit, creams, chocolates and even vegan, each flavour is lovingly crafted using only the highest quality fresh ingredients.

Italianicious magazine recently spent some time at Casa Del Gelato learning about its history from the master ice-cream maker Otto himself. You can find the three-page article in the November/December issue of Italinicious, or you can read it here.