Sustainable silly season

published on September 13 2011
by making an effort to make your event environmentally sustainable, you could also educate and inspire others to follow your example. With a few simple changes, your silly season gathering can be eco-friendly, as well as a lot of fun.


Image from Unsplash


With only 21 days until Christmas, the silly season is in full swing!

Pesel & Carr know that the month of December can be extremely hectic, with countless celebrations and parties. We believe it’s important to remember to be environmentally friendly during this festive season and, with some help from the Australian Conservation Foundation, we have developed our top tips on how to have a ‘sustainable’ silly season!

We hope that if you’re hosting a family Christmas gathering, or going to a Christmas event, you will find these simple steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your event useful.

1. Strive to minimise waste at your event and try to recycle where ever possible, such as by collecting food waste for composting

2. Try to ensure that the venue is easily accessible by public transport and provide guests with public transport information

3. Use recycled toilet paper and napkins

4. Do not buy individually wrapped lollies or bottled drinks to minimise waste.

5. Discourage use of any disposable products ,such as plastic plates, and use reusable, recyclable or compostable products.

6. Try to use organic suppliers and/or fair trade products

7. Choose food that is fresh, healthy, seasonal and locally produced

8. Utilise the multi-shelf cooking option in your oven to cook several different foods at once and reduce the time that your oven is on

9. Give any excess food to charity

10. For family members or guests coming from interstate for the festive season, encourage them to offset their car or air travel (or offset it yourself as a gift to them!)

We hope that you find these tips useful. Enjoy the time with your loved ones, with the knowledge that you’ve done all that you can to reduce your festive event’s carbon footprint.

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