Profiling Pinterest

Image from Unsplash


Say hello to the new ‘it’ social network of 2012.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which allows users to organise and share beautiful things they find online. Each ‘pin’ displays comments from other users and notes that show people have pinned those photos to lists they create on their account.

PR Daily reported that many of Pinterest’s popular users fall into the categories of fashion, crafts and food, and the network is dominated by females, with 97 per cent of users being women (according to AppData and Facebook). Online retailer Etsy is sitting at number one in terms of source domains, with other popular corporate Pinterest boards including Nordstrom, ModCloth and Whole Foods.

Before brands make the decision to create a Pinterest account, common interests between your particular audience and other audiences on Pinterest need to be found. According to social engagement manager Drew Hawkins, Pinterest is a very lifestyle-based platform, meaning brands should reach out to users with the organisation’s lifestyle elements.

Sharing others’ content and interacting with users, as well as repinning mentions of your brand are other top tips for getting on board the Pinterest trend.