Power of messaging recognised with Business Excellence Award

We’re thrilled to announce Pesel & Carr was named twice on the winners’ list for the 7th Annual Business Excellence Awards by Acquisition International for:

Best Independent Strategic Communications Agency – Victoria

Most Innovative Messaging Tool – MessageMatrix

Our proprietary messaging tool, MessageMatrix, is based on decades of work with leading organisations in defining the foundations of a corporate communications program. MessageMatrix works to align mission and vision with messaging, all in support of business strategy (as eloquently represented in our last blog piece).

We have implemented this tool with a number of organisations in diverse sectors such as not-for-profit, education, health, technology, property, retail and sport. MessageMatrix has successfully helped them set up the framework for consistent communications that reinforce the unique selling points against competitors.

This year marks the second year in a row that Pesel & Carr has been recognised as a stand-out communications agency in Victoria.

“I am always very proud of the team when we’re able to add new awards to the boardroom shelf”, said Pesel & Carr’s Managing Director Barbara Pesel.

“We are big proponents of strategic thinking underpinning all communications, regardless of how big or small the task. These wins acknowledge the value of getting the strategic foundations right from the onset.”

The primary vehicle for announcing the awards is via the Business Excellence Award’s annual celebratory magazine to be released later this year.

Pesel & Carr’s feature in last year’s issue can be read here.