P&C heads to Dubai

Pesel & Carr investor relations director Glenister Lamont left for Dubai today to present the Middle East World Class Investor Relations and Corporate Strategy conference.

Glenister’s discussion will include the four key steps of investor relations – by being Accountable, Transparent, Proactive and Visible, CEOs will learn to build credibility with investors, which is the most valuable currency any company can have.

The conference spans two days and will be attended by board directors, communication heads, CEOs, legal professionals and financial advisors from all over the world.

Glenister has worked both within companies as an investor relations manager and as an external advisor. His company roles have also encompassed considerable work on governance and its impact on investor perceptions and expertise extends to his board positions with numerous listed companies.

Preparing investor relations strategies, defending hostile takeovers, developing and implementing capital management plans; establishing board charters, initiating policies and even overseeing all investor relations activities surrounding Australia’s largest ever export contract, Glenister has seen and done it all.

Good luck Glenister!