Meet the Carlton Convicts

published on April 27 2018
by registering for the event, participants commit to raising $1,000 to ensure their bail on the night. For every $1,000 raised by each inmate, $820 goes directly into Whitelion’s youth support programs, and the remaining assists with structural costs and running the Bail Out event.


Louis, the Pesel & Carr Culture Manager, is team mascot and proud Bail Out supporter.

WANTED: Police on the hunt for three “very pesky” criminals.

Known as the “Carlton Convicts”, long-time criminals, Stuart “The Shark” Ayer, Rebecca “Rebel with a Cause” Giarrusso and Amanda “Four-Eyed Felon” Cirillo, are on the loose. They are wanted by authorities for “desk spreading” and “multiple prior convictions for typing too loudly”, carrying a “maximum punishment of fifty office coffee runs”.

A police spokesman was unable to offer any more information on where they thought the gang may be hiding out or what their next move may be.

But don’t worry, you’re not in any danger: “Rebel with a Cause”, “The Shark” and “Four-Eyed Felon” are just three Pesel & Carr team members participating in Whitelion’s annual Bail Out event to support disadvantaged youth!

A unique experience that is both theatrical and educational, the Bail Out event gives participants an opportunity to step into the shoes of at-risk youth that have disconnected from their community for a variety of reasons; including abuse, neglect, drug addiction and poverty.

Inmates will hand in their possessions, be given a prison uniform, fingerprinted, photographed, and experience mock interrogations and court proceedings before being sentenced to cell time with their gang, or other solitary inmates.

Inmates will also have the chance to talk firsthand to a former prisoner, and be educated via virtual reality on some of the issues that affect at-risk young people.

Pesel & Carr invite you to make a real difference in the life of a young person by getting involved in Bail Out 2018: an unforgettable experience!

All funds raised in the lead up to the event will be donated to Whitelion, a leading community organisation committed to positively changing the lives of young people.

To find more information about Whitelion’s Bail Out event, donate or to register as an inmate, visit the website here.