Latest episode of WoodChat released: Advocating the environmental benefits of timber in construction

The latest Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) WoodChat podcast focuses on Planet Ark’s initiatives to promote the environmental advantages of using timber as a building material.

Hosts Sam and Victoria talk to David Rowlinson, the Make It Wood Campaign Manager at Planet Ark, about his project to educate and encourage the increased use of responsibly sourced timber in construction. David said timber has a variety of compelling benefits when compared with other materials.

“The environmental benefits play an important role in making the case for timber amongst decision makers, and our work focuses on the fact timber is renewable, stores carbon, can be certified as being sustainably sourced, and requires relatively low levels of energy during production,” said David.

Previous episodes have covered topics such the economic benefits of wood in the workplace, Professor Jeff Morell’s plans for Australia’s National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life, a revolutionary new tool which predicts how climate will have an impact on growing conditions in the future, and a genetic DNA testing system that can predict key commercial attributes of trees during the earliest stages of their lives.

The next episode in the series, which will examine the use of innovative tools such as drones in forest management, also promises to be a cracker.

Each episode in the WoodChat series includes in-depth conversations with experts on recent discoveries, innovations and initiatives. You can listen to WoodChat on SoundCloud at and iTunes.