Investor relations gets social with StockTwits

Photo from Adobe Stock Images

Social media is slowly making its mark on investor relations through the use of StockTwits IR Suite. The suite is intended to assist companies to better monitor, distribute and measure their news and announcements through social media.

The popularity of the application has attracted public companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Ford who have implemented the social media tool within their IR departments.

StockTwits comprises of three components. The verified ticker page enables companies to have prominent message placements on ticker pages with links to blogs, YouTube channels and slide presentations. Social Dashboard provides companies with a powerful command centre that allows social media monitoring and measurements of their reach across the entire StockTwits network.

Finally, the Social Distribution allows companies to disseminate information in real time across channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, along with financial portals including CNNMoney, Reuters and Yahoo Finance.

Investor relations professionals have been reluctant to embrace social media as an outlet to communicate with shareholders, institutions and financial media. This is mostly due to the legal compliance issues as well as many not understanding the implications social media has on their companies. The use of StockTwits allows IR professionals to cut through the noise of social media and easily takes control of the message being sent as well as monitoring the reactions of investors.

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