Insta love with Emmy Lou

Account Executive, and Instagram aficionado, Rebecca Giarrusso, went along to Emmy Lou Maccarthy’s (@emmylou_loves) Instagram Stories workshop last month.

The queen of Instagram stories Emmy Lou shared her top tips for creating video stories that resonate with your audience.

Here were the key takeaways:

1. Speak to your audience by looking straight to the camera on the top of your phone; it gives the illusion that you’re looking your audience in the eye. It’s tricky at first but practice!

2. Recording yourself can be hard but it’s important to express yourself succinctly. When your nervous you might stumble, speak to quickly or miss your key point. Write down three key things you want to get across and try to get them out in one or two stories (that’s 30 seconds!)

3. Remember to tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Take your audience along for the journey.

4. A perfectly curated feed is expected, but stories offers your audience a sneak peak of behind-the-scenes. You can use pre-prepared images to market specific products or events but keep it real with video – no one expects an Oscar winning production.

5. Smile! It’s not just on your face but in your voice too.

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