Gardena’s top Autumn tips

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GARDENA have put together their top tips to keep your garden healthy this Autumn.

1) As temperatures fall, it’s easy to forget about keeping soil moist. Plants need water to survive all year round, whether it’s hot or cold.

2) Autumn is a great time to look ahead. Start planting bulbs for spring that take time to grow, for instance daffodils and tulips. Plant seedlings of cauliflower and broccoli so you’ll have delicious vegies ready to harvest in spring.

3) After a hot summer, soil is warmer and more workable than in winter and spring. Therefore planting shrubs and trees during autumn will allow for good root growth and plants will flower earlier.

4) Use a cultivator or garden hoe to spike the lawn in order to aerate it.

5) Collecting your falling leaves is a great, economical way to make winter compost.

6) Make sure you are using the correct lawn feed for the season. The ideal feed for autumn contains more nitrogen and less phosphorus than spring and summer feeds.

7) Use autumn as a chance to prune and cut back late summer growth. Removing dead wood will promote flowers and fruit and will leave your plants looking shapely.

8) Remember to check the PH levels of your soil. Regulating acidity will keep your garden healthy.

9) Water your pot plants, especially after a heavy rain, because this is when they dry out most quickly.

10) Divide your perennials such as cactus and succulents to ensure your garden does not become overcrowded and to boost your plant stocks.

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