From Interns to Communications Superstars: Join Alana and Kallista as they reflect on their experiences at P&C and at the Golden Quills Gala!

Alana and Kallista, the newest additions to the P&C team, brought their own perspectives and lots of energy as interns. Their university education has equipped them with valuable insights, and their time at the agency has allowed them to acquire invaluable experience. With a focus on social media, they have honed their skills and flourished as junior communicators.

We have asked them to reflect on their experiences so far, and how it felt to come along with the P&C team to the IABC Golden Quills Gala, one of the most prestigious industry events of the year.



Reflecting upon my journey so far with Pesel & Carr, it has brought endless amounts of learning and development opportunities. I have been able to explore the dynamics of working in an agency, whether it is dealing with crisis communications, social media, design, or media relations. My role in social media has helped me understand the ever-changing landscape of social media and being creative through working with various forms of content across all channels.

Being part of this amazing team, I had the privilege of attending the IABC Golden Quills Gala, to proudly represent Pesel & Carr. As a junior member it was my first impression of an industry event. As the night unfolded, Pesel & Carr received a Golden Quill award for Project 180.  Barbara delivered an exceptional speech, not only acknowledging the team’s accomplishments but also expressing her admiration for communicators throughout the industry. Her words resonated poignantly, celebrating success and paying tribute to those driving excellence in the field. I was so glad to be there to hear it.

Overall, working at P&C has been really great. I am so lucky to have such an encouraging hands-on environment that has allowed me to grow in all directions at P&C. I am excited to see what the new year has in store.



When I started, I’d previously worked on some social media accounts, but I have to be honest – I did not understand the amount of work and effort that goes into doing social media well! But, by working with this dedicated team, who are the most helpful and hard-working people, I’ve learned so much.

I’ve learned that being a social media coordinator is not just publishing content, it encompasses so much more than that. We are storytellers, we are the people who create safe spaces online, and we are the people that try to find ways to keep up with current trends and changes to different social media platforms.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity and could not have asked for a better team to learn and develop my skills.

After a big year in which I learned a lot, going along to the IABC Golden Quills Gala was amazing.

We also had the privilege of hearing inspiring speeches from firstly Mary Crooks, the Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust who spoke on our current issues surrounding gender equality. It was really inspiring to hear her perspective on this as it is a reminder of how much more our society needs to do in order to create an equal space for everyone.  We also heard from Emily Barrett,the Managing Editor at The Saturday Paper, who spoke on the need for truth on our media industry. With the current age of our society, having truthful journalism is such an important aspect.

IABC recognises and honours professional communicators for their remarkable achievements. Being surrounded by brilliant communication experts and having the opportunity to network with them was certainly memorable, as was the opportunity to have some time on the dancefloor!

I join Alana in looking forward to seeing what 2024 holds.