Five dates, five people, five weeks

This Valentine’s, three not-for-profit organisations are encouraging single Victorians to leave their comfort zones and try dating the old school way by going on five dates, with five different people in five weeks as part of an Australia-wide ‘Five in Five’ campaign.

The ‘Five in Five’ concept challenges single men and women to get out there and shift their dating experience into top gear. Last year’s campaign saw participants raise $60,000 and find some real dating success.

“We have had lots of amazing feedback from people about ongoing relationships as well as how much fun they had throughout the five weeks. Getting friends and family to suggest potential dates and taking the pressure out of dating because it’s all for charity seems to work in creating a good foundation for ongoing relationships,” said Andrea Tonkin, creator and founder of the ‘Five in Five’ campaign.

“We have heard of a number of people who are still in relationships following their ‘Five in Five’ dates and we even have one engagement – I wonder if we’ll get an invite to the wedding!” continued Tonkin.

The Five in Five campaign runs from 14th February to 21st March and is open to anyone who registers at Participants are encouraged to have friends and family sponsor them on their quest for dates and suggest potential dates, going back to the old school way of dating without the online and social media tools readily available at our disposal.

All funds raised go to three organisations committed to helping marginalised women and at-risk young people: Whitelion, St Kilda Gatehouse and Kids Under Cover.