“Dear emoji” – how to increase engagement on Instagram

An open letter by our Senior Account Executive – and emoji enthusiast – Amanda Cirillo.

Dear (laughing crying face emoji),

Oh, how I love you. There are no words that describe the feeling you portray in a single facial expression.

I write to you because you may be feeling down. A recent emoji study by Quintly has discovered the top 10 emojis used on Instagram and you are nowhere to be found. Oh, the tragedy!

In fact, no faces made the Instagram list.

The top position was taken by the camera flashing emoji – no surprise with this being the unofficial symbol for photo credit on Instagram.

The next nine looked like this:

It’s not all bad news, though!

The study revealed a positive response to the use of all emojis, including you. Posts with these simple icons have a 17% higher interaction rate on Instagram – emojis rejoice!

Brands would be crazy not to consider using you and your friends more often on social media…

I’m pleased to report your laughing crying face is getting due recognition on Twitter in Australia. You are the most frequently-used emoji (woohoo!) according to The Works’ real-time emoji tracker.

That top 10 looks a little something like this:

The Works also claims the emojis used on Twitter directly correlate with those used in direct messages via texts and apps – so you’re likely number one in our messages too!

And on a personal note, I say congratulations on becoming the top most frequently used emoji on my device. Narrowly overtaking the bear face, why I use that emoji so often is a story for another time…

Some people don’t understand you and your emoji friends. But when you look back, images have been used to express feelings and tell stories since the beginning of human communication.

Are you simply the 21st century cave painting?

Visuals are powerful communications tools and you emojis are another trick I’ve added to the PR kit.

So keep your tears of joy flowing.


From your loving fan,