Dating for charity

Calling all singles – Whitelion challenges you to go on five dates in five weeks to help combat urban poverty.

Five in Five is a campaign which encourages single people to pledge to go on five dates in five weeks, raising money for the urban poor in our community.

Whitelion, together with St Kilda Gatehouse and Concern Australia (LiveWires) will be the beneficiaries of the Five in Five Campaign, which runs from February 4 to March 9, 2012.

The challenge brings back the themes of old school dating. Before the internet people relied on face-to-face introductions and the good old art of talking to strangers. The beauty of the challenge is that it gives you an opening for conversation and it is made a bit easier because it’s for charity.

Urban Poverty affects the most vulnerable in our community. Those affected often have insufficient resources and connections to meet basic needs and affects their ability to participate in the community that they live in.

Five in Five aims to raise funds to help create opportunities, connections and hope for those affected by urban poverty.

You can register to participate in Five in Five at, so sign up for a good cause and have some fun!

To learn more about Whitelion and the positive work they do for young people at risk visit