Communication Without Borders – 7th World Public Relations Forum

From November 18 to 20, Melbourne played host to the 7th World Public Relations Forum at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

More than 1,000 PR and communication professionals from across the world arrived on our sunny shores to hear top communicators from different industries including government and non-for-profit share their experiences.

The Forum is a biannual event and this year was hosted by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, whose mission is to raise standards, share knowledge, strengthen the professional community and advocate the interests of the public relations industry. In essence, communicating in a world without borders.

Attendees participated in active discussions over a jam packed three days of activities that kicked off with an opening keynote presentation by Wadah Khanfar, President of the Sharf Forum and former Director General of Al-Jazeera. In a world where borders are being torn down thanks to growing open media platforms, the essence of PR – storytelling – took front and centre stage.

The hero of the PR and communications industry is the storyteller. The methods we use to tell our client’s and organisation’s stories have significantly changed, but the fact remains that a good story sticks. The biggest challenge for clients who engage with external communications to help support their objectives is having a strong story that is impactful and engages target audiences.

Organisations must understand that your audience ultimately own your brand. How they extend your story and share it with others today relies on experts who are nimble across a wide range of opportunities and who constantly bring fresh ideas to the table.

As our industry changes, so does the way you share your story.

At Pesel & Carr we understand our work is rooted in storytelling. We work with clients to extract what they do and translate that into palatable dialogue that drives conservation and delivers on your business and communication objectives.

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