Coal tempo gathers pace in WA

Image from Unsplash


Robin Bromby from The Australian reports on the emergence of the coal potential of the Kimberley, highlighting Rey Resources as an example of a company that is aiming to harness that potential.

He describes the Kimberley as one of the overlooked stories of Australian resources and he believes that current exploration projects within the Canning Basin demonstrate the growing appeal of the area to explorers.

Rey Resources has already announced a 511 million tonne thermal coal JORC resource and an exploration target of 9 billion tonnes or more, he reports.

Rey plans to use the port of Derby through which to export the coal. Bromby highlights the availability of a recent presentation by the Managing Director, Kevin Wilson, to the Sydney Mining Club, which is definitely worth a read.

He reports that one page within this presentation has a telling illustration – a map highlighting Derby and with two ships – one labelled ’10 days to India’ and the other ’12 days to China.’

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