Celebrating our real Artists on National Carpenters Day

On July 20, Federation Square in Melbourne was taken over by Australia’s favourite tradie, the chippy in celebration of National Carpenters Day. The day celebrates our unsung heroes who extend their talents and skills in the craft of woodwork and joinery to make everyones lives comfortable, stylish and practical.

Have you ever thought how such a craft impacts your daily life and is always eye-catching? Think of the startling front covers of Vogue Living to the seamlessly impressive architecture and interior design that marvels Melbourne and how the humble material called wood and its handcrafter transforms these ideas. Like many things in life, it is so easy to appreciate the final product or end result without acknowledging the process and talent involved.

National Carpenters Day is an homage to our true-blue chippies and their artistry and technique, as well as to the many uses of wood. A chippy is a true representation of Australian culture and our values, from the laid back and friendly personalities to the strong work ethic of our trade industry.

The day played host to a variety of carnival-like activities and events that included the announcement of the National Carpenter of the Year and National Apprentice Carpenter of the Year, in addition to challenges and contests such as the “Carpenters Nail It Harder Challenge” between state finalists in a competition to show off their skills, and the “Chin Up Challenge”, showcasing their physical and mental endurance which was open to the public.

Our chippies were also lucky to cop a kiss on the cheek as a way of saying thanks for building Australia.

To read more about National Carpenters Day and all the festivities visit http://www.carpentersday.com.au/