Celebrating a new office and global success

It’s official – QuantumIT’s new offices in Drummond Street Carlton have been formally opened by the Minister for Small Business, Trade and Innovation, Philip Dalidakis.

Mr Dalidakis toured the office and spoke to members of its growing team – now standing at 106 people working in offices on three continents – before unveiling a plaque.

“QuantumIT is a classic home-grown success story that proves with the right foundations and support, startups and small businesses can do great things,” he said. “Congratulations – what a success story.”

With innovation in the news this week, the event was a timely reminder of QuantumIT’s longstanding track record in developing new and successful technology.

Managing Director Guthrie White told the gathering at the event about the QuantumIT story – founding in 1992, progressive growth, major products and success in selling technology designed and built in Melbourne to the world.

QuantumIT’s flagship product is InPlace, a student work experience placement system developed for the tertiary education sector. InPlace has been used by more than 700,000 students from 30 universities worldwide.

In just five years InPlace has been adopted by almost half of Australia’s universities and is also the dominant product in the UK.

However, QuantumIT is constantly investing in research and development to come up with new technology in a diverse range of areas – most recently online gaming.

Mr White told the gathering that its latest game, HurtWorld, was on that day the fourth-most downloaded in the world – only three days after launch.

Another illustration of QuantumIT’s willingness to embrace risk can be seen in its development of an employer-side work placement solution to complement InPlace.

After identifying the opportunity three years ago, they built the system entirely speculatively without a customer. During 2015 ‘InPlace Network’ was piloted in six hospitals for Healthscope which announced in November that they would be rolling it out nationally across their 47 hospital network.

The local and global opportunities for the system are significant with every state in Australia trying to organise a more efficient model around education of health professionals.

QuantumIT would like to thank all clients, past and present, who have contributed to the company’s longevity and growth – and to remind you that they can now be found at 100 Drummond St Carlton.