Bill Bailey Performance at the Palais

As the iconic English comedian swept through Australia on a nine city tour, I went along to one of his sold out performances at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne.

The show was billed as ‘a magical musical, mystery tour through a human history filled with doubt, to a place where certainty reigns and where religion, death, egg-custard, twigs and Giant African Land Snails are here to stay.’

Bill Bailey blends comedy, music and multimedia in a unique and innovative manner. He is the only comic I know of that does this successfully. The star of classics such asBlack BooksSpaced and more recently Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang actively engaged members of the audience whilst running across the stage and playing multiple musical instruments.

Simple stunts such as captivating the audience with the reflection off his guitar were very tongue in cheek. My favourite was his joke about supermarket scanners. He asked the audience if they ever wondered what was underneath the scanners. He said he always imagined people sitting around playing cards or something. A very “Bill Bailey” answer.