Award winning new generation Neff collection has landed!

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Sampford IXL is excited to introduce the award winning new generation Neff cooking collection, designed to make cooking easier, safer and even more pleasurable.

Neff has redesigned its range of kitchen appliances to form a ground breaking new portfolio of built-in cooking appliances, featuring many innovative technologies.

The consistent design approach presented in the new range enables Neff appliances to be installed vertically, horizontally, under bench or wall mounted, providing a totally harmonious look and feel, and allowing extra flexibility in kitchen design. All appliances are stainless steel and boast matching black bevelled fascias for total aesthetic synergy in the kitchen. Every cooking appliance in the collection complements one another.

Malcolm Owens, CEO of Sampford IXL, said: “Sampford IXL is extremely proud to carry the new Neff range as it reflects the latest design and technology advances that have made Neff a market leading brand in Europe and around the world.

The new collection boasts a fantastic selection of nine new ovens and four compact appliances, each with a different combination of innovative and unique features and functions.”

These include:

Slide & Hide door

Slide & Hide offers easy accessibility, increased space and improved safety in the kitchen. This highly innovative mechanism means the oven door opens fully to slide under the oven cavity without compromising the oven’s 66 litre capacity. Ideal for small kitchens, this feature not only increases cooking space by around 30% but there are also four shelf levels, instead of three, so you can cook your entire meal all at once, saving time, money and energy.

The new range includes two Slide & Hide models offering customers greater choice and variety. All slide and hide ovens also feature the brilliant Revolution Handle.

Revolution Handle

The ergonomically designed Neff Revolution Handle rotates in your hand to improve the ease with which you open and close the oven door, eliminating any exertion or awkward wrist movements from the cookery process. As you open your oven door, the Revolution handle rotates towards you in a smooth, circular motion.


The original and still the best fan oven system around, the unique CircoTherm® directs hot air over the food via specially positioned vents, without any resultant intermingling of flavours or the loss of heat if the door is opened during cooking. A powerful fan draws air from the interior of the oven. It then heats up the air and forces it right back into the oven cavity through strategically placed shaped ducts in the rear wall. This system means the oven heats up rapidly, and needs little or no preheating. Another great time and energy saving function unique to Neff.

Neff ovens also feature other cooking functions such as pizza setting; bread baking; CircoRoasting; defrosting; low temperature cooking and grilling.

NeffNavigator® control

NeffNavigator® is the unique, easy to use central elliptical control in the middle of the display panel that single handily operates all the major functions of the oven. The multiple menu options are navigated and selected by rotating and vertically tilting the control to pinpoint the desired program. Touch sensors for selecting the most frequently-used functions for family cooking offer additional convenience.


NeffLight® has been revamped and is now even more effective with two halogen spotlights that light up the entire oven cavity and an innovative system of intelligent reflectors. The bright ceiling lamp bathes the interior in glare-free light for perfect visibility on all shelf levels at all times.