All Things in Moderation Conference


Recently Felicity presented at the All Things in Moderation Conference, sharing her expertise on social media moderation during times of crisis.
The two-day global conference saw moderators from around the world discussing the intricacies and challenges that come with moderation.
Drawing from her first-hand experience working for the Department of Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, Felicity talked about what it was like to deal with a complex moderation environment and unprecedented audience growth.
Moderation practitioners are crucial to the success of any business in the digital age, particularly when crisis strikes. Guiding social media through moderation of the DHHS channels during ongoing lockdowns and global uncertainty would have been a test for even the best of moderators. Felicity is one of the best, which is exactly why the team at All Thing’s in Moderation were thrilled to have her on board to speak about misinformation.
Felicity’s experience during the pandemic taught her that you can never be fully prepared for every possible crisis, but it’s vital to have a foundational understanding of how audiences on social media work, plus the ability to adapt and collaborate.
When asked about her fellow speakers, Felicity spoke on the importance of Serena Snoad’s presentation on trauma and burnout. When discussing the position of moderators in the rapidly evolving digital space, identifying and implementing preventive measures against trauma and burnout is critical to the wellbeing of colleagues and staff.
Online moderators need to know how to implement best practice when dealing with misinformation and sensitive content, and they also need support from an executive level. Felicity’s presentation offered fantastic advice and personal experience on how that can be done.

Four tips from Felicity’s presentation:
– Give your team opportunities to vent, and to have positive interactions in the comment sections
– When a crisis hits, the formality in your tone of voice should be turned up
– People moderating your social media channels need support, understanding and kindness
– It’s okay to find it hard, and need professional support.
We are incredibly proud of the work Felicity does and look forward to her sharing more of her knowledge and expertise.