All pumped up to enjoy your garden with Gardena

With summer just around the corner, Gardena’s range of pumps, pump accessories and watering controls will help quench your garden’s thirst this summer while leaving you with more time to simply enjoy your garden.

From the original leak free connectors through to water pressure controls, soil moisture sensors and timers with a handy calendar function, Gardena’s intelligent products allow you to manage your watering and nurture your garden while observing your local water restrictions or guidelines.

World renowned for their innovative water saving features, Gardena’s water management solutions are easy to install and operate. At a time when every drop is precious, transporting water efficiently and reliably is vital to any responsible gardener’s long term water wise plans.

Dan Carman, General Manager, Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products said, “Our Gardena range encompasses the very latest technological advances and innovative features to make responsible water management and garden maintenance hassle free.

“With Gardena products, all garden lovers can continue to enjoy their garden while doing their bit to manage water wisely this summer.”

Here are a few examples of what the innovative range includes:

  • The Gardena Garden Pump 3000/3 Jet and Gardena Pump 3000/4 Jet are lightweight, powerful and user friendly with high suction and pressure performance.  Perfect for watering plants, increasing water pressure and pumping rainwater.
  • The Electronic Pressure Pump 4000/4 Electronic Plus makes use of non-potable water for irrigation or domestic use. This pump has an integrated high volume; fine meshed filter and a backflow preventer to ensure reduced re-suction time. An inbuilt electronic manometric switch automatically turns the pump on when water is required and then off again when it is not.
  • Pumps that come with thermal overload switches to ensure safety and longevity of use. For guaranteed user safety all Gardena pumps are approved and certified to the highest available AS/NZS standard.
  • Timer accessories from a basic two-hour dial timer to suit most applications through to the modern attractive design of the Gardena Watering Computer C1030 with Calendar Function that is able to water up to 6 times a day. The watering start time and duration can be programmed individually and therefore, the Water Computer is compliant to different water restriction requirements.
  • The Gardena soil moisture sensor electronically measures temperature differences in soil. This enables you to work out the desired moisture level for your soil which can be set by the control knob.This sensor will help you decide when your garden needs water, therefore avoiding unnecessary watering. This is ideal for use in conjunction with the Gardena water computers, water timers, irrigation control system.
  • Water tight efficiency engineered into every product to guarantee no leaks in all Gardena’s products.