Acclaimed UK architect Alex De Rijke for Australian tour

An international expert in innovative construction materials and methods will be touring Australia to share his award-winning insights during a series of seminars.

Alex de Rijke will visit Perth, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne during November, with the events being hosted by Forest and Wood and WoodSolutions.

Alex de Rijke will discuss why engineered timbers hold the key to construction for the 21st century, in the same way the 18th century was focused on brick, the 19th century on steel and the 20th century on concrete.

He will discuss the reasons architects are increasingly turning to wood to construct big buildings and how technology means materials will no longer have to be standardised to be affordable.

Mr de Rijke is founder of dRMM (de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects) in London, and former Dean of the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art.

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