A canine’s view of Christmas

This marks my one year anniversary as Pesel & Carr’s Culture Manager! It has been a great year and a busy one too.

I’m not the best at tracking dates… mainly because they haven’t made an apple watch in my size yet, but here are three other ways I know it’s my favourite time of year, Christmas time!

1. I get haircuts more often – now when I say haircut, I mean the crème de la crème of haircuts, bringing two meanings to the word cool. I love going to the park and showing off my new “do” to all my friends. The only thing I don’t like is no longer smelling like me! So, I usually roll around in mum and dad’s bed for a while when I get home. Just to make sure they can always find me and don’t lose my scent.

2. There are lots more cheery sounds that keep me alert and excited, from bells and carols to loudly greeting loved ones. My ears are in overdrive! I like to think my family and neighbours enjoy me singing along to ‘Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas’,  ‘Barkin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ and my personal favourite ‘Deck the (Tennis) Balls’.

3. Last but not least, I know it’s Christmas when the humans hang out in packs and they are always bringing around food! It’s the only time of the year I get to over indulge in human food. My family doesn’t need to vacuum after having other humans over, because I always get to it first!

To all my friends and colleagues, I wish you happy holidays and hope that you too get to taste as much human food as I will this festive season. See you next year!