20 buzzwords de-mystified

To commemorate Pesel & Carr’s 20th year, we are publishing a series of our top 20 tips, recommendations, insights and more, right here on our website.

In this edition we’re looking at 20 common buzzwords –some we like, some we hate, and many we’re guilty of overusing ourselves.

  1. How about Buzzword? An overused word in itself.
  2. Outside the box. Why can’t we just call it for what it really is? CREATIVE. It’s as simple as that.
  3. Best of breed. This one makes us feel like we’re talking about show animals – and yes w we love our boy Louis!
  4. Wheelhouse. if you’ve heard this one, it’s not in reference to a boat – but a person’s area of expertise. The actual definition of this one is the ‘part of a boat or ship serving as a shelter for the person at the wheel’.
  5. Metrics. Just another fancy word for analytics.
  6. Omni-channel. This means that you’re online and offline marketing or customer experience is seamless. Just as it should be, but do we need this weird word?
  7. Straw man. It’s called an “outline” people!
  8. Win-win. What’s the alternative? Lose-lose… well, no one wants that now do they? Overused.
  9. Bandwidth. It actually refers to the range of frequencies used in transmitting a signal, not the energy or mental capacity to deal with a situation.
  10. Digital native. A millennial or, as we like to call it, ‘token young person’ that ‘grew up with all of that social media nonsense’.
  11. Re-purpose. Whilst we’re the masters of re-purposing content, it simply means stretching your dollar further. That media release we wrote is easily turned into a blog piece that we can share on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn. If we’re really ‘thinking outside the box’ we may even be able to turn it into an infographic, video or podcast!
  12. Leverage. It’s what we do to get the best possible outcome for our clients, whether its resources, materials knowledge or relationships.
  13. Space. Not mars, the moon or the sun, just the industry you operate in, apparently.
  14. Secret sauce.  No, we’re not referring to a big mac; we’re talking about your unique selling point. What makes you different from your competitor?
  15. Takeaway. While we’re always thinking about lunch (ahem Turkish!) it also means the essential points we want you to walk away with from a presentation, campaign or activity.
  16. Deep Dive. We know we could just say thorough analysis, but boy doesn’t a deep dive sound like fun!
  17. Unpack. After our deep dive, we carefully unpack our thoughts to make sure we’re looking at the issue from every possible angle.Whew!
  18. Digestible. We sometimes find ourselves talking about digestible content. We mean breaking down a tricky topic into something that’s easy to understand AND nice to look at. Imagine that!
  19. Fresh eyes. When we’ve been working on something closely, we’ll have someone else look at it…with fresh eyes.
  20. And our personal favourite…. Thought leader. They’re simply an expert in their field, but doesn’t thought leader sound elegant?

And there you have it people, we’re just as guilty of using buzzwords as you are! Which ones have we missed?