10 days left for 21 Challenge

There are only 10 days left in Open Family Australia’s 21 Challenge, your chance to help homeless youth by doing something you love, hate or you’ve never done before for 21 days, with all sponsorship money from your friends and family going towards Open Family’s Outreach programs.

So far, just over $73,000 has been raised to help the 32,000 young Australians who sleep on our streets every night. Some great ideas we’ve heard of so far include taking a journey through time with a different 1980s-era outfit every day, committing to the gym for 21 days and giving up coffee/chocolate. In our opinion the latter sounds the hardest!

The 21st of June is the longest night in the Southern Hemisphere and being winter, a particularly difficult time for homeless young Australians. Homelessness affects people who are not only sleeping rough on the streets, but also those staying in temporary, unstable or sub-standard accommodation. Many of these people cycle between homelessness and marginal housing, and can be affected by factors such as family breakdown and conflict, long-term unemployment, substance abuse and mental health issues.

Help at-risk and homeless young people today by sponsoring a participant at www.21challenge.com.au.