Winter Dog

The first day of winter is upon us. As we descend into icy darkness I would like to remind everyone of the magnificence of my coat. Poodles are known for their coats; it is often thought of as their defining feature. My coat would probably be my defining feature if it weren’t for my transcendent intelligence (how many dogs do you know that write regular articles?).

Many dogs have a double coat, consisting of a dense undercoat full of short hairs and a top, longer overcoat that gets full in winter. Dogs like these shed often, much to the annoyance of their owners.

Then there are dogs like me. Yes, my fur is soft, elegant, and fluffy, but it isn’t burdened with the inconvenience of a second layer. I have a single, dense coat of curled hair. So dense in fact, that when hairs fall out they often remain in the coat. So, in the traditional sense, we don’t shed, but like most humans, I need regular haircuts too!

This also makes us more hypoallergenic than other dogs– so even the most fur-sensitive of my readers can pat me and be pretty much undisturbed. It’s also what helps keep me warm.

So, when you wake up feeling glacial and immobilised, dreading that painful walk from the bed to the shower, remember that at least for the most part your four-legged friends are doing fine and rearing to go out. Put on a coat, add a scarf and a hat, maybe even some gloves, grab the lead and enjoy your winter walks, before you know it will be spring again!