Thanks, Lort Smith

I’m famous around Carlton. When I’m gallivanting around, passers-by will comment on the pep in my step, and on the perfect alignment of my posture. I relish these walks, so when Stuart or Barbara present my lead I leap up to attention and even nudge them along. When I’m reluctant, something is wrong.

Over the last few weeks, I didn’t have a pep in my step. In fact, I just slept for the vast majority (as opposed to the majority) of the time. I felt weak and sluggish, something was NQR. This was not the dog you know and love.

So rather than shrugging it off as the weather of the effects of lockdown, off I went to Lort Smith and unfortunately, surgery was needed. I spent a couple nights in hospital and although there was a decent surplus of pats, kind talking and expert care… I missed Stuart and Barbara and I knew that they and the rest of Pesel & Carr would have been falling apart in my absence. I could almost hear the staff wailing from the office back in Carlton.

Luckily, with my surgery complete and healing well, I was free to go. Though I’m still a bit shaky, I am recovering, and being back in the office is helping.

A big thanks to Dr Harold who took care of all my scans, Dr Denae for the expert surgery and to all the dedicated nurses and team at Lort Smith, whose hard work have ensured that I am back on my way to grabbing life by the bone!