Speaking up for our environment!

The climate seems to uppermost on everyone’s mind this month, with the UN theme of this year’s International Women’s Day focused on the environment, and World Wildlife Day on 3 March.

So in that spirit I wanted to talk about the ways which we, the flora and fauna of this planet, are talking about the environment we live in.

With more than 100,000 followers, German cat Louis Wildlife uses his platform to raise awareness about climate change, sustainable living and environmental conservation. This other Louis is a top influencer and shares his thoughts and adventures with wildlife mates on his socials.

And while many wonderful advocates do speak for the trees, now the trees speak for themselves!

A tree at Harvard Forest has its own Twitter account where it updates followers on its life. The Witness Tree account explains its own inner workings and how it is interconnected with the conditions of Harvard Forest.

Witness Tree, similar to anyone else on Twitter, likes to complain, and mostly does so about bad weather and pests. I sure wouldn’t want to hike a leg up on that tree!

As Jane Goodall said, “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play”. We must all raise our voices for make a better, healthier world.T