Some poems about life of a dog

You, my loyal readers, have no doubt become accustomed to my ramblings. You eagerly await each edition of Woof to see what wisdom I have in store for you. But I’ve been doing it for a while now and I thought I would switch lanes a little bit by giving you a chance to see my sensitive side.

So in the vein of William Shakespeare, Sylvia Plath and Eminem, I thought I’d write some poetry.

Here are three poems, a triplet, to convey the life of a dog.

The life of a dog is gleeful,
Especially when your bowl’s full,
But if it’s not,
Then off I trot,
To ask Stuart for a morsel!

The life of a dog is fun,
You get pats from everyone,
And if they stop,
Just bark a lot,
So they know who’s number one!

The life of a dog is a pleasure,
Living each day for leisure,
I get to the park,
Indulge in a bark,
And go sniffing the bins for treasure!

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find words that rhyme with Stuart and Barbara. Perhaps next time I’ll fit them in with some haikus!