Looking back on 2021…

Whether we were sitting beside you in the home office or sauntering around cities, animals were right alongside humans all throughout 2021.

Kangaroos hopped on over into Canberra. They minded the stop signs, of course!

And a colony of dormice who live next to the M1 in England for five years were able to travel safely across two tiny bridges when they awoke from their hibernation. But in case the dormice of Lancashire were going to be jealous, they are set to have a bridge of their own next year.

And it’s not just on the streets, animals are taking over the internet too! While cats might think they have cornered the market, dogs have more influence than you might think.

Though, to my knowledge, I am the foremost canine columnist, there is perhaps another even more famous dog than I who rose to prominence on TikTok. Noodle the pug can forecast the type of day humans will have by whether he stands up in morning — standing means it’s a “bones” day or flopping back down means it’s a “no bones” day. “Bones” days are for taking risks and treating yourself, while on “no bones” days you should take time to reflect. 4.6 million people follow his daily updates. Talk about the power of the dog!

Truly, there are no limits to what animals can do.