Introducing Tweety, our newest adoptee

On behalf on the Pesel & Carr team, I would like to introduce Tweety, our newest adoptee.

A chatty presence, Tweety is always ready to strike up a conversation and enjoys speaking to co-workers as well as the residents of Carlton that pass by.

This means we have wonderful tearoom chats. This little bird tells me all the good gossip he hears from outside, and I fill him in on all the goings on at the park.

While a canary and a dog doesn’t seem like an obvious beginning to a friendship, despite the difference in shapes, colours and sizes, Tweety and I have found a few traits in common.

Canaries and standard poodles are lively creatures with great voices – I have a bassy croon while Tweety harmonises. Though when we perform for the rest of the office our co-workers don’t always appreciate our talents!

Our species even have a historical and etymological links. The Canary Islands were supposedly named Islas Canarias (Island of the Dogs) because of the very large dogs who lived there. The native canary birds were then later named after the islands.

While Tweety and I initially took some time to break the ice, we’re now happily working side by side.

Which just goes to show how friendships can grow between the most unlikely of pairings.