Inner wolf

Nestled snugly on an armchair or resting my head on the lap of a coworker, it’s sometimes easy to forget my heritage. It’s commonly accepted that dogs evolved from the grey wolf, that was domesticated to protect humans, and help them to herd and hunt. We’ve come a long way since then, as I offer very little in the way of these services. There are occasional triggers however, that awake my inner wolf.

A skateboarder for example, sees me return to my origins, unleashing wolf like barks and displaying my canines. It’s a liberating feeling, as I feel myself becoming one with my history. I recently saw another dog unleash her inner wolf in another proud display of heritage.

Tilly patrols a luxury island resort on the coast of North Queensland. The gutsy guard dog recently leaped into the water to scare away a mammoth shark. Having done so successfully, she calmly dog paddled back to the shore and returned to the sand to continue scanning the coast.

It’s wild, inspiring footage courtesy of a very good dog.