Dutiful Dogs

It’s National Volunteer Week (NVW), an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of Australia’s ~6 million volunteers. In a country ravaged by drought, bushfires and a global pandemic, the support volunteers provide is vital. Their work makes us stronger as a collective, particularly in hard times.

Just as people dedicate their lives to helping others, so too do dogs.

In celebrating NVW, I’d be remiss not to take the opportunity to shout out all the volunteer dogs out there, who too, work to create a better world.

From busting drug traffickers and rescuing people in burning homes, to nurturing the elderly and helping the blind find their way, the work of volunteer dogs captures the boundless intelligence, sensitivity and loyalty of our canine friends.

My coworkers described being at the pointy end of their university semesters, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, dragging their feet to the library only to be greeted by therapy dogs – sweet, calming golden retrievers. After a cuddle and a pic, they returned to their work feeling calmer and more motivated.

I like to think I have a similar effect on my coworkers at Pesel & Carr, although I must admit that I’m on a generous salary of pats and treats.

Happy Volunteer Week everyone!