Dogs with jobs: making humans lives better

I saw some seeing eye dog trainers today. Wow what effort they put into training my fellow friends for people that have difficulties with their vision!

Personally, I think it’s pretty impressive that us dogs sit, and roll over, on command. But did you know that seeing eye dogs have to go beyond obeying commands to make our humans safe and happy?

They have to understand all sorts of things, like how to take initiative, when not to obey, and even that branches we can duck under will be in the way of our two legged friends! They’re even trained to operate pedestrian crossing buttons.

So humans know that seeing eye dogs are ready to take care of humans who are who are blind or have low vision, they have to pass some tricky tests, just like an exam or driving test. I bet they were nervous.

The seeing eye dogs were with two trainers. The dog’s handler got them ready, putting my special harness on – and then places a blind fold on herself! The second person, the examiner, then sent the seeing eye dog and their handler off on our route to make sure that the seeing eye dog can keep them safe.

I have been told that this is very scary! You have to on your paws and not make a mistake. A mistake could be fatal. Only the best of us make it through, and it takes a long time to complete the training.

The team at Pesel & Carr often say that I am their therapy dog. My regular visits to each person’s desk to say hello and get a pat makes every day that little bit calmer, and sweeter. I’m very proud of my job as Culture Manager. But hats off to the seeing eye dogs and the amazing job they do!