A helping paw

Summer is stretching out in front of us, and the feeling of rebirth that it brings feel stronger this year. Free from isolation, we dogs are relishing the freedom of unlimited walks, and access to dog beaches outside of a 5k radius.

But take a look at the handsome poodle who writes these words – and take note of his big black woolen coat. While this serves as a reminder that I am a fashionable pooch, it should also serve as a warning. Dogs aren’t quite as well-equipped to tackle the sweltering summer as our human friends. Indeed, while people produce that strange, tasty body liquid you call sweat, all us dogs can do to cool down is sit in the shade and pant.

So before taking your Bernese Mountain Dog for a mid-arvo jog, consider these tips:

  • Prioritise dusk and dawn walks to limit exposure to the sun when it’s at its most intense
  • Always ensure your dog has plenty of access to water. As much as I try, these damn paws can’t get a hold of the tap. If it’s particularly hot, throw a few ice cubes in!
  • Finally, aside from those writing closing thoughts for weekly EDM newsletters, dogs can find it hard to communicate. So be wary of signs of heat distress. Heavy panting, salivating and changes in gum colour may suggest heat exhaustion.

With all that in mind, let’s embrace this beautiful season!