Smile for the cameras! Today we celebrate National Selfie Day. 

Smile for the cameras! Today we celebrate National Selfie Day.

While self-portraiture has been around for a while, the modern selfie became increasingly popular in the advent of social media and smartphones. In fact, the word ‘selfie’, recognised to have been coined right here in Australia, was named Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013.

The ability to take a photo of yourself wherever and whenever has given rise to iconic snaps. Some viral examples are Ellen’s famous Oscar selfieastronaut Aki Hoshide’s selfie on a spacewalk, and some ultimate fan selfies featuring Bruce Springsteen and the Queen, just to name a few.

Though some in the animal kingdom may lack opposable thumbs, we more than make up for it in our selfie game. Through a technique called ‘camera trapping’, we animals are taking some fantastic pics of ourselves and our friends. Or, in the case of one celebes crested macaque, taking the camera straight from the photographer!

But while it’s endlessly entertaining to try on different filters, research has shown that it’s important to be intentional about the selfies you take if you want to keep the memories that go along with them. It’s usually better to have a few thoughtful, well-timed shots than stay camera out with a cluster of blurry photos.

As a canine, I know just how important it is to stay part of the moment. While my coat is majestic and very camera ready, you never know when a skateboarder might appear that I need to bark at!

So say cheese and snap a selfie today – then go out and make some more memories.