Our Environmental Policy

Pesel & Carr is an environmentally friendly company. We offer a personalised service to our clients and keep sustainable development at the forefront of all our business decisions.

We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that we consistently apply environmentally friendly principles to all our business dealings. We are committed to minimising our ecological footprint by pursuing environmental best practice and reducing office waste.

Through our philosophy of ‘rethink, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle’ we:

  • identify, review and manage our environmental impacts, potential risks and opportunities for improvement
  • develop and implement environmental management plans to continually improve performance and realise opportunities for an environmentally positive contribution
  • minimise waste, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution, further reduce our consumption of power, water and natural resources and employ environmental considerations in purchasing decisions
  • incorporate environmental management considerations into our core business plans and management practices
  • actively promote and encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations within our organisation, with our clients and suppliers
  • as a minimum, comply with applicable legal and other requirements
  • communicate this policy and other environmental management commitments to all staff

To date, we have devoted our time to changing the way we work via action. The ways in which we do this are incredibly varied, including:

  • a worm farm which is used to dispose of all food and garden waste in our office by turning leftover scraps into fertiliser. This fertiliser is then used on the plants and scrubs in the front and back gardens.
  • rain water tanks and filtering systems to service the water needs of the office. These tanks provide water to the bathroom and kitchenette, as well as water for the plants inside and out. In the three years since the installation of these tanks, we have not had to use the main water supply for top ups.
  • recycling all plastics, paper, tins, glass, toner products and electrical equipment, purchase recycled envelopes and it is standard practice in our office to print all internal documents on recycled paper. We also always read the screen instead of printing wherever possible, and have a note at the bottom of our email signatures encouraging those we communicate with to do the same.
  • ensuring that all electrical equipment is taken off ‘stand-by’ each evening and over the weekend and the office is fully fitted with low energy light globes. We do not have fitted air conditioning, rather relying on a portable air-conditioner only when absolutely necessary. During the winter months, the heating is turned on only as required.
  • reducing our ecological footprint further by car pooling, walking or using public transport to get to meetings or client events wherever possible.

Pesel & Carr’s Social Policy

Pesel & Carr has a developed social policy aimed at supporting our team and creating favourable and enjoyable working conditions for all.

The following outlines the basics of the policies in place.

  • provision of required working conditions and opportunities for individual development is a priority
  • creation of necessary conditions for employee’s skills improvement and professional development
  • participation of company’s employees in various seminars, trainings, conferences and exhibitions is encouraged in order to further extend our team’s knowledge and expertise
  • option for employees to take short-term personal leave due to family circumstances with retention of a salary
  • adherence to the PRIA code of ethics in all business dealings
  • training employees in legal and ethical behaviour on the job in order to create a workforce that fosters respect and to ensure that the PRIA Code of Ethics are upheld at all times 
  • training employees in workplace practices and informing them about our social and environmental policies and principles to ensure that everyone on the Pesel & Carr team is working simultaneously towards the same goals
  • recognising and respecting the rights of labour unions, as well as each employee’s right to associate with any legally sanctioned operation
  • affording equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants. We’re also committed to employment equity and to recruiting and retaining a diverse group of qualified and dedicated employees
  • adherence to company policies prohibiting discrimination, including harassment, and an accompanying set of policies that establish procedures for reporting and investigating complaints, prohibiting retaliation and providing for appropriate disciplinary action for violations
  • offering family friendly policies and arrangements for our employees, parental leave as per the Workplace Relations Act and management are encouraged to be approachable and flexible when it comes to employees family, partner and childcare needs
  • offering employees access to a calming private garden space for meetings, reading, discussions and general relaxation enabling employees to take a refreshing break and a breath of air during their working day.