Q&A event: Unpacking the Youth Justice System

Finding a voice that cuts through the cluttered not-for-profit space was essential for Whitelion, an organisation dedicated to stopping ‘the revolving door’ for young people leaving the justice system.

To help raise their profile, we developed a Q&A style panel that Whitelion could own. Modelled on ABC TV’s Q&A program, we assembled a panel of key industry players to discuss the prompt, ‘Detention vs Rehabilitation: what is the right balance?’

The event and associated collateral increased awareness of youth justice and positioned Whitelion as an authoritative leader on the topic.


  • Reached over 50,000 people via social media
  • National coverage on Sky News and The Conversation Hour
  • Reached new audiences; 23.3% of survey respondents had not heard of Whitelion before the event.