The Deakin Melbourne Boomers

The Melbourne Boomers are the longest-running elite-level women’s sports team in Australia. Their iconic brand has achieved global recognition, most notably for being home to more Olympians and Opals than any other basketball club in Australia.

As firm believers in the empowering nature of women’s sport, we have worked as communication partners for the Boomers on a pro bono basis for several years. Historically, women’s sport receives very little coverage, but we are overseeing a cultural shift in which these elite sportswomen gain the exposure and respect they deserve.

This role has involved developing media releases, match reports, articles, handling issues, and the development of various marketing collateral.

As part of our partnership, we have been fostering young talent through the Pesel & Carr Deakin Melbourne Boomers Media & Communications Scholarship. Now entering its fourth cycle, the scholarship equips young communication professionals with valuable skills and experience before they enter full-time employment.
So far, all our scholarship recipients have gone on to work in the industry.