Kellie Curtain

Consulting Media Specialist

Kellie Curtain has a passion for telling other people’s stories.

Kellie works with Pesel & Carr to provide media training and strategic planning for organisations, including campaigns, events, and risk management.

With extensive knowledge of the news cycle and what various outlets require, her expertise is in identifying and advising on media angles and platforms that best serve her clients’ objectives.

Kellie is a former broadcast journalist with more than 15 years’ experience in covering news and current affairs for Australia’s major television networks. She covered the murder of underworld figure Jason Moran, which triggered the infamous ‘gangland wars’. During six years living in the Middle East Kellie developed her skills in online journalism and writing for corporate events. Her memoir about final conversations before dying, What will I wear to your funeral?, was listed as a Distinguished Favourite in the New York City Big Book Awards.

news & opinion

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